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Moving towards becoming India’s largest learning platform”


The current Classroom education in India is completely different from what it was in ancient times.
The modern education system in India is putting a lot of pressure on students. With a lot of Homework and Assignments, it becomes difficult for students to actually understand the important concepts.
With Gyan Acharya, we are bringing a positive change to the education system of the country.


The ancient Indian education system was the best in the world. At that time, education was the highest asset. Also, teachers at that time taught students because of their passion for teaching.
Therefore, we’re bringing back the Medieval Education values.


Gyan Acharya originally started with home tuitions. We want to offer the same expertise through online courses. It will turn our vision into reality.

Furthermore, our expert tutors will help your child to understand complex concepts in a simple way.


Our educators:
• Have prior experience in teaching.
• Have Passion and Dedication towards the goal.
• Provide limitless knowledge to the students.


Gyan Acharya’s aim is to educate students in a way that builds a strong base so that it will help them take on any complex problem.


With a strong foundation, we believe any student can achieve great success. Additionally, we want to collaborate with the brightest minds across the country. It will help us develop courses for every possible topic. We want to reach every corner of the country.


India is home to the fifth-largest youth population in the world. We want to empower students with knowledge & skills. It will help them to face rising competition across the world. Also, we want students to think on their own and take decisions accordingly.

Knowledge is power and with Knowledge comes great confidence and independence!