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About Us:

The Infinity Home tuitions is one of the biggest platforms. It connects the learners with the mentors! Established in 2008. It was one of the first platforms to recognise the importance of delivering one to one education through Home Tuitions.

“We believe that true learning has no limit; it is Infinite!”


Classroom Education has been a concept for the longest time in India. The Gurukul form of learning in the Vedic Ages sets the best example. But it has its share of benefits and flaws!. It is to overcome the flaws that exist in Classroom Education that the concept of Home Tuitions was developed!


We had developed the concept of Home Tuitions. Along with one-to-one learning by developing our platform for the same! The Infinity Home Tuitions is a platform where on one hand students overcome their hesitations. They develop a better understanding with clarity through one to one teaching.

On the other hand, the tutors or mentors who are passionate about teaching use their expertise. They give knowledge. Besides, generate handsome revenue through it! Although initially, we were catering just the local areas. Over the last 12 years, our business and platform have grown to a level that now we are catering pan India. We offer tuitions – online and offline (Home Tuitions) not only for academic courses or curriculums but for the vocational courses as well!


The Infinity Home Tuitions delivers the best possible Home Tuitions. It is one of the most popular leaner-tutor platforms. With Free Demosflexible payment options, easy registration for the learner and the tutors


The tutors can choose whether they want to be employed full time or part-time. The more classes the tutors can take the more they can earn. The earning is in the hands of the tutors.


We provide the classes on both the domains – Online tuition and Offline! Every tutor is his own master with us. With a proper back end team, we ensure that the payments are processed properly – for the parents and the tutors. Our dedicated help centre ensures that all queries are resolved at the earliest possible.


With regular feedback from the parents, we improvise our platform more with every passing day. We have a similar structure for the tutors as well.


We encourage the Freshersto to build a career out of this profession. We give them their first chance. Our faculty consists of a wide range of tutors. While some are new, some have an experience of more than twenty years. This wide pool of knowledge experts, helps us offer some excellent choices to the learners and parents.


Our transparent system makes the coordination a very smooth process. Nowadays, technology is the backbone of the Virtual World. Developing online and virtual platforms for teaching has become the need of the hour. We specialise in just the same.


Recently due to the breakout of the Covid-19 Virus, there were global lockdowns. All physical learning came to a standstill. But our Home Tuitions was running online. Our offline classes had stopped. But in the long run, it proved to be more beneficial. Now our tutors are more tech-savvy as even the offline tutors have switched to online classes– from the convenience of their homes.


On our platform, the parents/ clients/applicants have the liberty to customise their requirement. One can set their preferred time slots, any preferred language or any particular gender!


Post the Covid-19 pandemic, majority of the learningis now onvirtual platforms with live and online classes. So, in order to keep the teaching-learning chain running we also offer the classes online – Live and Virtual.

Also, we offer a choice between group tuitions and individual tuitions both in online mode and Home tuitions mode. For some kids, Group tuitions offer a sense of competition, especially while preparing for the competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IBPS etc. while other kids find individual one to one attention better as they can clear their doubts without any hesitation.


To us, what matters the most is – learner should be able to study well. Also, we want the learner to establish a good rapport. Hence, this is the reason why we have such a wide faculty, in case the students are not happy with the tutor, you can always take another demo from another tutor!

Why Choose The Infinity Home tuitions?

  • Affordable
  • Experienced faculty
  • 24 x 7 assistance
  • Customised learning process
  • Transparent system
  • Flexible payments
  • Affective learning


The Infinity Home Tuitions has and will further revolutionise the teaching Learning Process through Home Tuitions – Infinitely!