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  Andaman is the best place for the sea lover and the persons who love water sports. Andaman is the best place for the person who wants to enjoy the different adventure sports of water. The most classic crystal and glittering water add beauty to the Andaman. The collection of the coral reef is considered one of the best coral reefs in India. Andaman is more beautiful and alluring than as shown in the movies and television or discovery channels you will enjoy each and every visit of the Andaman. Their a total of 300 islands in the Andaman and the remaining 272 islands consists of Nicobar Island where the entry is not allowed due to the presence of cultural heritage. For water adventure, sports North bay Island is considered best for the snoring underwater walking, and deep diving. The best time to visit Andaman is post-monsoon.


Assam is a part of the iconic seven sisters in North East of India. Assam is the second largest state of the northeast after Arunachal Pradesh. one of the important rivers of the Hindu culture Brahmaputra River passes from Assam. Assam is a very astonishing and adventurous place for wildlife lovers, history lovers, and for the pilgrimage. The iconic Kaziranga park the home of the one-horned rhino is one of the most famous places to visit with wildlife adventures and wildlife Safari. Another important feature of Assam is the Assamese culture especially the Bodo and Mishing tribe.

Is the best place for the shopping of various type of silk such as Pal silk, Muga silk, and Endi cloth which is an inspiration for many young generations. Also, the best place for the food lover and tea lovers is they can explore various different kinds of food as well as the parks nurtured by the locals of tea. One of the important things is the festival celebration of the Assamese people. The main festival which is Boho celebrated thrice in a year. It also provides great insight into the history lover tourism, places like Sivasagar Udharband and Barak valley and almost 35% the area is under forest cover and there are many places which are listed under the world heritage sights.

Also, the best place for The pilgrimage one must visit the holy shrines like Kamakhya temple, Dol Govinda Temple, Asvakranta Temple, Ugra Tara Temple, Maha Bhairav Temple, Tamresveri Temple, etc. Assam is a place that is still unexplored and is an unexplored treasure for travelers. The best time to visit is from November to March.


Auli is located in Uttarakhand district Chamoli. Auli is famous for its natural beauty and is considered as a heaven for this skiing activities, the harsh frosty storms and the long stretch of snow over the valley make this place more attractive to the tourist with an adventurous mindset. It is located 2800 above the sea level and this also homeland to the mountain ranges like Naina Devi, Mana parvat, and Kamat Kamet. The history of this place is much more credible than present it is believed that in the eighth century the place is blessed by the Shankaracharya on its sacred visit. Travelers can further visit the hills of Garhwal Himalayas and even enjoy the spell blending view of the snow covering the mountains the valley is filled with the Apple Orchard, oaks and the deodar best time to visit this place is throughout the year.

  1. Bir Billing
  2. Bir billing is located west of the Joginder Nagar Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India it is also called a “paragliding capital of India”.

Visiting Himachal Pradesh without going to bir billing paragliding is just like returning from Agra without visiting the Taj Mahal. Paragliding is a must-do sport photo individuals who love adventurous activities paragliding is basically done with the experienced by till who control the paraglider from launch to landing. Total of 20 to 30 minutes flight is there from billing to bir the takeoff point is building which is at 2430 mt elevation from the sea level and the landing is done at the day which is 1350 my above from the sea level.

This place is also home to the Tibetan refuses and has several Buddhist monasteries and large stupas it is also famous for the handicraft center. The best time to visit Bir Billing is from September to October, November is also a good time to visit.

  1. Jim Corbett
  2. Jim Corbett is the oldest national park in India it it was set up in 1936 and was famously known as Hailey National park. It is located in the Nainital district and Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The national park is rich in flora and fauna there are many tourists attracting places in the Jim Corbett National park. Jim Corbett National park is basically divided into five major zones which are Bijrani, Bhikala, Jhirna Dhela, and Durga Devi, the zones are divided in order to provide convenience to the tourist visiting the National park.

Talking about the flora the national park has 600 species of the trees. It has ample of freshwater as well as the alpine flora. The major dominant tree which is present in the Jim Corbett park is Sal Tree about 75% of the National park is covered with a Sal tree. Taking consideration of the fauna it is home to many Asiatic elephant and gharial. The major attraction of the National park is the Royal Bengal tiger This brings a lot of tourists to the national park there are many photographers and animal lovers who visit this place just to watch the Royal Bengal tiger. Many photographers spend a lot of time in the Jungle capturing the photographs of Royal Bengal tiger. It is also home to the Asiatic black bear, walking deer, and sambar. There is also a beautiful waterfall in the Corbett National park as well as the Kosi river which makes the climate of the National park very astonishing. The best time to visit is the summers from March to June.


Kodaikana one of the most famous tourist spots it is located in Tamil Nadu is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations. Kodaikana is also referred to as a gift of the forest its beautiful climate Chilly weather, moving down to the forest, bathing in Lake make a perfect destination for peace lovers. It’s man-made star-shaped Kodaikanal lake which is bordered by the evergreen forest. It is situated 7200 feet above the sea level with the Pilani hills nested near to it there is also an astronomy museum where they have the pictorial and few models of astrology.

The best time to visit the places full year depending upon the preferences of the tourist. Tourists can go in summers and enjoy trekking and horse riding. And those who love the cold climate can visit here in winter. Kodaikanal is covered with beautiful climate mist-covered cliffs and waterfall which makes this place alluring beautiful.

  1. Kutch   
  2. Kutch is a district of Gujarat in western India. The island shape resembles the shape of the tortoise. It is one of the important places for a tourist visit. Kutch has the vast expanses of the white salt desert. Kutch is also among the largest district in India. It is famous for the craft embroidery, flamingo sanctuary, and wild ass sanctuary. The beautiful beaches of the Mandvi sea near Bhuj are worth visiting in your kutch package also the ancient town of Dholavira is an important tourist attraction. The best time to visit Kutch is during winter when the Ran festival is celebrated from December to February with this celebration of the festival a huge Camp settlement is done with the various cultural program functions and adventurous sports activities like hot air balloon. This is the best place for the tourist who likes sea or beaches.